Dodds - Unlock Back Pain


Looking for clues

If medical tests don't show structural or soft tissue problems, explore other aspects of your life that may be contributing to your back pain. A build-up of muscle tension from stress of anxiety, for example, can often erupt in back pain. Low self-esteem can result in slouching or other poor posture. Ask yourself the following: Does exercise help or make you feel worse? Are you experiencing unusual stress at work or at home? Does back pain follow a restless night's sleep? Does your back feel worse when you sleep in late? Is the pain weather-related? Any information you share with your doctor can provide valuable clues and help in his or her treatment plan for you. And if stress is to blame, it's time to explore the many techniques of stress management.

Prompt pain relief

Here is DODDS' three-prong approach to pain relief:

  • as soon as possible, take DODDS to relieve pain and decrease swelling
  • rest to prevent further injury
  • apply ice in a towel to the affected area for up to 20 minutes every two hours to decrease swelling